Tantra Rebel

47197500-1252261410[1]We can always be our own worst critics. However, recent studies show that being hyper-critical of ourselves can be detrimental to our health.

So now I’m going to let you in on a secret. My biggest spiritual insight over the last decade was in realizing the value and importance of self compassion. There’s a lot of psudo spiritual talk in our culture about granting others compassion and non-judgementalness – but what about self-compassion?
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I was talking to my girlfriend about the end of the world. She’s visiting family across the country and I’m in LA. She said, if the Mayan’s really were right, that we would each start driving across the country and meet in the middle and kiss just before the world ends…

And then it hit me.

We have it all wrong, this whole anti-sex, Armageddon thing. If the world was really going to end (it’s not- it’s a metawhore) then we would race across the country, meet in the middle, and have hot, passionate, wild, screaming, (the world is ending peeps, c’mon) sex with total abandon. And as the world was ending, we would be cumming.

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amore-smallI’m just home from the Yoga, Sex, Feminism conference in Dallas. It was incredible – beyond my expectations-and my body is abuzz with energy. I love being around people who get that pleasure, bliss, joy, happiness are empowered qualities to aspire to and live life from.

I awakened to the idea of pleasure as purpose in 2006. I’ll blog more about this one day if folks are interested, but that’s when it all came together for me. I realized that we can choose the rules of the game that we live by and play by. For example, I can choose to believe in a punishing, shame based, sexually oppressive universe, or I can choose to believe in an open, receptive, fun, pleasurable sex positive universe. Both are just ideas – but one generally makes me feel great, and the other generally makes me feel terrible.

In my life, I prefer the pleasure based framework. In my experience, it feels good to feel good. In fact, it feels great to consciously cultivate the feeling of juicy energy in my body. And that was my message in all my classes in Dallas. [click to continue…]